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  • Sweet Zombie

    Sweet Zombie

    Seed Breeder: Bodhi Seeds Lineage & Genetics: Black Domina x Zombie Virus Type: Indica When you need relief but need to finish the day or make it to the end of the trail, Sweet Zombie is a great option. She’s flavorful with a level-headed high that’s really quite enjoyable. THC Range: 25-27% CBD Range: 0.12%…

  • Lucky Wookie

    Lucky Wookie

    Seed Breeder: Bodhi Seeds Lineage & Genetics: Lucky Charms x Wookie Type: Indica Lucky Wookie is a heavy hitter packed with high THC and terpene levels. She packs a punch, great for relaxing activities, at the end of the day, or when you just want a really good night’s sleep. THC Range: 23-26% CBD Range:…

  • Cherry Queen

    Cherry Queen

    Seed Breeder: Bodhi Seeds Lineage & Genetics: Fat Cherry x OMG Type: Indica Cherry Queen is sticky, stinky, and nuggety, with a sweet cherry aroma. Heavy-hitting, don’t let the mid-range THC fool you. Her high-myrcene levels might promote creativity but you’ll probably do it from the couch. THC Range: 22-23% CBD Range: 0% Total Cannabinoids…

  • Babylon Buster

    Babylon Buster

    Seed Breeder: Bodhi Seeds Lineage & Genetics: Dreadbread x 1988 G13 Hash Plant Type: Hybrid Babylon Buster has a sweet, floral flavor with a hint of pine and lilac. The calming effect that’s great for panic attacks, and anxiety, and especially helpful for insomnia. A good option for daytime activities or any time you want…

  • GG4


    Seed Breeder: Mardogg Lineage & Genetics: Sour Dubb x Chem Sis x Chocolate Diesel Type: Hybrid GG4 is one of the most well-known and highly-versatile flowers out there. Its sweet/earthy aroma smells like a blend of diesel and hops with some citrus thrown in for good measure. Delivers a solid body buzz with a cerebral,…

  • Candy Land

    Candy Land

    Seed Breeder: Granddaddy Purps Lineage & Genetics: Granddaddy Purple x Bay Platinum Cookies Type: Indica Candyland offers a body-numbing, muscle-relaxing effect that some find contributes to couch lock. A great option for those who suffer from stress, anxiety, or insomnia. Also great for loosening muscles, when hiking or doing yoga. THC Range: 21 – 25%…

  • The Fuzz

    The Fuzz

    Seed Breeder: Bodhi Seeds Lineage & Genetics: Chem 1991 x Appalachia Type: Hybrid The Fuzz is a fave, for sure. Though sharp and pungent with notes of fuel, chem, and skunk, Fuzz leaves you feeling happy, warm, and fuzzy all over, with a nice “fuzzed-up feeling” that can help reduce tension headaches. Very potent, and…

  • Death Star

    Death Star

    Seed Breeder: Team Death Star Lineage & Genetics: Sour Diesel x Sensi Star Type: Hybrid – Indica Dominant Death Star is a repeat strain that tends to go fast as it offers both mind and body-numbing effects that pack a punch. It has a “hashy” taste. Those with a higher tolerance enjoy Death Star day…

  • Honey Bells

    Honey Bells

    Seed Breeder: Delicious Seeds Lineage & Genetics: Caramelo x Carmen Type: High CBD – Indica Honey Bells is a true medicinal strain with a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. Low THC, with a subtle and clear-headed effect that is productive and therapeutic at once. Very functional, and great for daytime use. A good choice…

  • New Harvest Available

    New Harvest Available

    Every 6 weeks… Stop By Beartooth Medicinal for a Tasty *NEW* Flower!