Beartooth Medicinal News

Beartooth Medicinal, Established in 2014

Family-owned and operated, Beartooth Medicinal has consistently remained a reliable source for straightforward cannabis education. We are a passionate group with a wealth of information about this amazing plant’s recreational and medical benefits.

We’ve been in the business since legalization happened here in Montana over ten years ago, and our team has been committed to the cannabis cause for decades. You will see the difference immediately upon entering, and you’ll experience it once you interact with our staff. We stay up to speed on the latest regs and are miles ahead of the curve in the quality and potency of the products we produce. Everything we grow is nurtured carefully through the process, starting as seeds that begin their journey in our proprietary ‘Living Soil’ that is made specifically to achieve the best — and cleanest — results from the plants we grow.

After your first trip to our store, you will have more confidence in making purchases suited to your needs and more options to consider in the future. Never pushy, always friendly, our team is here to help you maximize the benefits of our offering.